Jan 032020
SBS – Silicon Bidirectional Switch

The SBS – Silicon Bidirectional Switch is a symmetrical low power device used on trigger applications. The SBS is more versatile than the SIDAC.

It also has an additional terminal, which allows you to modify its trigger characteristics with small pulses of current.

Dec 172019
Power Transformer usage

The Electric Power Transformer usage – The Transformer Distribution System

Electric power transformers are static electrical machines that allows modification of the voltage and the current values, so they can take the appropriate one (value) to carry and distribute the electric energy.

Dec 142019
7-segment Display

What is a 7-segment Display?

The 7-segment display, is a component used to represent numbers in many electronic devices.

Today, it is very common to find LCDs in much electronic equipment, but there are many that still use the 7-segment display for its simplicity.

Dec 132019
Darlington transistor

What is a Darlington transistor?

The Darlington transistor is a special type of transistor with a high current gain. It consists of two internally bipolar transistors being connected in cascade

Dec 112019
Alternating Current (AC)

What is Alternating Current?

The difference between an alternating current and a continuous current is that the continuous current flows only on one direction. The alternating current circulates first in one direction and then on the opposite one, repeating this process continuously.