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High current pulse generator

High current pulse generator using a 555 timer and a voltage regulator. This circuit can be useful for DC Motor control. Light control, etc.

Diode Tester Circuit using 741

This diode tester circuit checks, if the diode is in good condition and also determines its polarity. To accomplish our goal, we use an 741 operational amplifier (IC1) configured as an oscillator.

Logic probe circuit using CD4001 IC

Logic probe circuit with CD4001 IC. This circuit is implemented with CMOS IC technology and is recommended for testing circuits using the same technology

Gray code – Gray code Table

The Gray code is a special type of binary code that is unweighted (the digits that make up the code does not have an assigned weight).

What is Electrical Resistivity?

Electrical resistivity [ρ] (rho) is a characteristic of materials and has ohm-meter unit. Resistivity indicates how much the material opposes the flow of electric current.

Fire alarm circuit using thermostats and SCR

Fire alarm circuit using thermostats and SCR.

This circuit uses several thermostats in parallel for its operation. They can be as many as you want and must be placed in the places where you want to sense the temperature.

Power Failure alarm using transformer and relay

Power failure alarm using transformer and relay

This power failure alarm circuit is very simple and is very useful when used with electric ovens, a refrigeration systems or to prevent a thief from cutting off the electrical power because it immediately warns of the problem. It also serves you when the fuses have blown.