Oct 092018
Surge Protection Circuit (Voltage Delay Circuit)

Surge Protection Circuit (Voltage Delay Circuit)

This Surge protection circuit is placed between the DC voltage source and the circuit that you want to power. This circuit delays the voltage given by the power source and allows the voltage to be applied to the circuit or device a few moments later. 

Oct 032018
Rain Alarm Circuit using 555 IC

Rain alarm circuit using 555

This Rain alarm circuit uses the water property to conduct electricity. To implement the water sensor we use two pieces of metal, which are placed close enough for a drop of water to let current flow between the metal plates

Oct 022018
Basic Power Supply block Diagram

The Power Supply block Diagram Many electronic circuits need a direct current (DC) voltage source, but what we commonly find are voltage sources of alternating current (AC). In order to achieve a direct current voltage source, the alternating current input must follow a convertion process like the one shown in the chart below. The chart shows the operation of a voltage […]