May 032019
Surge Protection Circuit (Voltage Delay Circuit)

Surge Protection Circuit (Voltage Delay Circuit)

This Surge protection circuit is placed between the DC voltage source and the circuit that you want to power. This circuit delays the voltage given by the power source and allows the voltage to be applied to the circuit or device a few moments later. 

Apr 222019
Superposition Theorem - Example

The Superposition Theorem

The Superposition theorem states that the effect of two or more voltage sources in a resistor is equal to the sum of the individual effects of each source taken separately, replacing all the remaining voltage sources with short circuits.

Apr 102019
What is Joule's Law? The Joule effect.

What is Joule’s Law?

It is known as Joule effect to the phenomenon by which if in a wire circulates an electrical current, part of the energy is transformed into heat. This law (Joule’s Law) is named after the British physicist James Prescott Joule.