Dec 102018
What is a Sequential circuit? - Digital Electronics

What is a sequential circuit? The main difference between a combinational circuit and a sequential circuit is that in the sequential circuit there is a feedback from one or more of the outputs to one or more of the inputs. Looking at the following diagram, you can see that the output of the OR gate is feedbacked to the input of the lower AND […]

Nov 262018
What is a Schottky Diode? (Schottky Barrier Diode)

What is a Schottky Diode? The Schottky diode or Schottky Barrier Diode unlike the semiconductor diode that has a P-N juntion, has an N-Metal junction. These diodes are characterized by their switching speed and low voltage drop when they are forward biased (typically 0.25 to 0.4 volts). Its symbol is showed on the following diagram. This diode works allmost like the […]