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Battery chargers. Battery monitors

12 Volt Car Battery Charger with LM7815

This 12 volt car battery charger is a circuit with few components that allows us to charge a common car battery. Battery charging stops when it reaches its maximum voltage.

3 Auto Shut off Battery Charger circuits (12V)

Why is an auto shut off battery charger needed? The main reason to get an auto shut off battery charger is to protect the battery from overcharging and consequently reducing its useful life….

12V Auto turn-off battery charger

12V Auto turn-off battery charger

This 12V auto turn-off battery charger automatically disconnects from mains to stop charging when the batteries are fully charged. It serves to charge the battery of our car, using the 120/240 VAC

12V Auto Turn-off Battery Charger with Current Limiter

12V Auto Turn-off Battery Charger

This 12V Auto Turn-off Battery Charger with current limiter, uses only 4 transistors, will stop charging the battery when it has 14 volts between its terminals and limits the charging current to a maximum of 2 amps.

Battery Charge Monitor Circuit with LM3914 IC

Battery Charge Monitor Circuit with LM3914 IC

This battery charge monitor shows, with colored LEDs, the charging process of a typical 12-volt car battery using the LM3914 Dot / Bar Display Driver.

Car Battery Monitor Circuit using 4 LEDs

Car battery monitor circuit using 4 LEDs

This simple Car battery monitor, allow us to know the voltage of the battery at all times. To achieve this 4 leds are placed somewhere on the dash of the car. Each LED has a label indicating the battery voltage at that time.

Car Battery Monitor Circuit

Car Battery Monitor Circuit

This Car battery monitor circuit is very simple and very interesting. How many times have you found that the car does not start because the battery is discharged?