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Astable multivibrator using NAND gates

This astable multivibrator uses two NAND gates of the 4 available on the 7400 TTL integrated circuit. Two LEDs are used to view the status or logic output of each gate.

Clock signal generator using 7400 IC (PCB)

Clock signal generator using 7400 IC. This clock generator is an astable circuit which uses the TTL 7400 (four 2 inputs NAND gates) integrated circuit. Suggested Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

UJT Relaxation oscillator circuit

The UJT relaxation oscillator circuit is a non-linear oscillator used to generate a non-sinusoidal repetitive output signals that can trigger power control devices such as SCRs and TRIACs.

Pulse generator using NAND gate

Pulse generator using NAND gate. This circuit can be used as a clock for other circuits. The circuit’s main element is a 2 input (Schmitt Trigger) NAND gate