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Audio Circuits & Projects

Metronome circuit with adjustable BPM

This metronome circuit with adjustable BPM, allows those persons who study or are music fans, to keep the timing, quite accurately for a long period of time.

Guitar Synthesizer using CD4046

Guitar Synthesizer using CD4046. To achieve the objective, the CMOS PLL CD4046 integrated circuit is used, producing an unusual sound from a guitar which sounds very similar to a synthesizer.

Audio Level Indicator Circuit Diagram using LM339

Audio level indicator circuit using LM339

This audio level indicator is very interesting because it allows us to visualize the audio level intensity by connecting this circuit to the input of a loudspeaker.

Tone generator using two 555 timers

Tone generator using two 555 timers

This circuit uses the well-known 555 integrated circuit to generate a range of sounds that are heard through a small loudspeaker.

8 LED VU meter circuit using LM324 IC

8 LED VU meter made of IC-LM324.

This circuit can be used to display the variation of an audio signal in a group of 8 LEDs, behaving like a VU meter. We could use an specific integrated circuit used for VU meters, but we decided to use a readily available integrated circuit: The LM324 op amp.