Electrical Transformers Tutorials

Ideal Transformer Working Principle

Ideal transformer working principle. How the transformer works. Voltage & current transformation ratio. Power ratio between primary & secondary windings

Transformer Turn Ratio (K)

The transformer turn ratio (K) is the quotient value obtained by dividing the number of turns of the primary winding (N1) and the number of turns of the secondary winding (N2). Then K = N1/N2.

Impedance matching Transformer

An impedance matching transformer is used to couple an antenna to a transmission and / or reception equipment. It was widely used in the coupling of the antenna to the analog television, by radio amateurs


An autotransformer is a transformer where a part of the winding belongs to both the primary and secondary windings of the transformer. The operating principle is the same as the conventional transformer.

Transformer Structure

Electric Power Transformer Structure. All electric transformers, have three fundamentals parts: high voltage winding, low voltage winding and Core.

Power Transformer usage

The Electric Power Transformer usage. The transformers allow the modification of the voltage and the current values, so they can take the appropriate one to carry and distribute the electric energy.