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Wirewound Resistor

A wirewound resistor is used when the power to be dissipated is very high. A wire wound resistor is usually coated with a layer of vitreous enamel.

Light detector circuit using LDR (automatic night light)

This circuit activates a lighting device through a relay when the intensity of daylight is no longer sufficient. Good for illuminating the main entrance of the house, a display case that needs to be kept lit at night, an unsafe area at night, etc.

Logic Probe using NOT Gates

A very simple logic probe using NOT gates. The logic probe allows us to know the logic state of any point in a digital circuit. The signal to be measured is applied to the probe tip input.

Node Analysis Method – Steps – Example

The node analysis method also known as the nodal analysis is widely used to solve linear resistive circuits (this method, in a slightly extended form, also applies to resistive-reactive circuits)

Voltage Divider – Voltage Division – Series Resistors

The voltage divider is a circuit that allows us to obtain an output voltage less than the input voltage. The output voltage is normally obtained across ground and the resistor connected to it, but it could be across any of the other resistors.

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Explanation

What does the Maximum Power Transfer Theorem say? “The maximum power transfer to the load is obtained when the load resistance RL is equal to the internal resistance of the…

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