Jan 162018
Rain detector using two transistors

This rain detector using two transistors, is a simple circuit that aims to alert the beginning of the rainfall.

The applications for this circuit can be many, but the most obvious is to alert people who have their clothes drying under the sun or the wind, to put them under the roof before they get wet again.

Jul 172017
XOR Logic Gate

XOR logic gate

In digital electronics there are special gates. One of them is the XOR logic gate or exclusive OR gate. Equivalent XOR Logic Gate using common logic gates

Jun 302017
Power failure alarm using transformer and relay

Power failure alarm using transformer and relay

This power failure alarm circuit is very simple and is very useful when used with electric ovens, a refrigeration systems or to prevent a thief from cutting off the electrical power because it immediately warns of the problem. It also serves you when the fuses have blown.