Jun 132019
Zener diode - Basic Operation - Applications

What is a Zener diode?

The Zener diode is a special type of diode that allows the flow of current on the opposite direction of the arrow of the diode. This diode does not conduct until the applied voltage reaches or is greater of the breakdown voltage. Zener diode is very popular as Voltage reference element.

Jun 122019
Capacitor and Direct Current (DC) - Dielectric

Capacitor and Direct Current

If a battery is connected to a capacitor, it will allows no direct current (DC) to flow through. If a not charged capacitor is connected across the terminals of a battery, a transient current flows as the capacitor plates charge up.

Capacitor and Direct Current. Current starts from its maximum value and decreases to 0 amps. This current is called “transient current”.

May 122019
Electronics - Electrical Unit Definitions

Electronics – Electrical Unit Definitions

Definitions of basic measurement units in electricity and electronics. Ampere (A), Coulomb (C), Joule (J), Watt (W), Farad (F), Henry (H), Ohm (Ω), Siemens (S), Volt (V), Hertz (Hz), Radian, Angular frequency (w), Time (t)