Inductor Tutorials

Impedance of Inductor

The impedance of an inductor (also called inductance) is the measure of the opposition to a change of electrical current in this component.

Air core inductor inductance calculation

There are some occasions when we have an air core inductor, and we don’t know what its value is. There is an easy way to obtain the inductance if you have the external measurements of this component.

Inductor – Inductance

Inductor – Coil. Inductance units. The inductor is made of a conductive wire wrapped into a spring like form. Magnetic field lines – Counter electromotive force (CEMF)

Iron Core Inductor

The iron core inductor has very special magnetic characteristics. What they do is to reinforce the magnetic field. The magnetism of the core material depends on the bias of  “the molecular magnetic domains”

Series and Parallel Inductors

Equivalent value of a set of inductors that are connected in series or parallel. These are the simplest methods to calculate the values (inductance) of series and parallel inductors.