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1 Input – 4 Outputs Stereo Audio Splitter

This 1 Input – 4 Outputs Stereo Audio Splitter has a single input and 4 independent outputs, each amplified with an operational amplifier configured as a voltage follower. Each operational amplifier (Op Amp) has the advantage of its high input impedance and low output impedance, thus avoiding distortion in sound.

The output electrolytic capacitors are used to prevent the continuous current component from the output of the operational amplifier from being transferred to the load. A control potentiometer is used to vary the output level of the audio signal, in each of the 4 outputs (volume).

In order to build a complete stereo system, you must make two circuits equal to the following diagram.

Audio Splitter - 1 Input - 4 Outputs

List of components of the Audio Splitter

  • 2 LM324 or TL084 ICs (4 operational amplifiers in a single package)
  • 8 100k resistors (R)
  • 8 1uF / 25 volt electrolytic capacitors (C)
  • 8 50K potentiometers (P)

LM324 - Quadruple Operational Amplifier

LM324 Quadruple Operational Amplifier Pin out

You may be interested in adding a tweeter to your speaker.

To power the circuit, you need a dual polarity output power supply (+/- 12v). +12V must be connected to Pin 4 and -12V must be connected to Pin 11 of the LM324. See the above image.

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  1. where to connect -12v supply in the ground pin #10?

  2. can i use resistors instead of a potentiometer?

    • Hello.

      Yes, you can, but you won’t have a way to control the volume of the amplifier output. I think it is better to leave the circuit as it is and set the volume to the desired level.

      Hope this help you.

  3. Why do you list 8 of everyhting and only show 4 of each in the circuit diagram?

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