Detector Circuits and Projects


Detector Circuits and Projects

Light detector circuit using LDR (automatic night light)

This circuit activates a lighting device through a relay when the intensity of daylight is no longer sufficient. Good for illuminating the main entrance of the house, a display case that needs to be kept lit at night, an unsafe area at night, etc.

Temperature Gauge Circuit Using LM324 (PCB)

The temperature gauge circuit is implemented using four comparators. We use the LM324 integrated circuit, which has four 741 operational amplifiers (op amps) in a single package.

Dark detector circuit using LDR and relay

Dark detector circuit using LDR and relay

This circuit uses, as a main component, an LDR (photoresistor). An LDR changes its resistance value depending on the amount of light it received. The more light means less resistance, the less light means more resistance.

Humidity sensor circuit using the 555 timer

This simple humidity sensor circuit using a 555 timer, shows us the humidity level that a ground under test has. To achieve the goal, a couple of probes are used.

These probes are placed on the ground to be tested.

Lie Detector Circuit Using Two Transistors

Lie detector circuit using two transistors

This simple lie detector consists of two transistors and other additional components and can detect if a person does not tell truth (the person is lying), using two sensors placed directly on the skin.

Twilight Switch Circuit

Twilight switch circuit with Op. Amp.and LDR

This Twilight switch circuit activates a light, a lamp, a motor, etc., at the time of sunset and performs the reverse process at dawn.

This is an ideal circuit for activating a security light that must be on all night.

Electronic sound control Circuit (applause)

Electronic sound control circuit (applause)

This electronic sound control circuit works like a sound activated relay and can activate or deactivate a device connected to it, by two consecutive claps.

Light Operated Relay Circuit using LDR / Photoresistor

Light Operated Relay Circuit using LDR.

The LDR varies its value (ohms) depending on the amount of light that illuminates it. The more light less resistance and less light more resistance, A potentiometer is used to control the light level that activate the relay

Darkness detector circuit with audio output using 555

This darkness detector circuit beeps when the light drops below a certain level.

The main elements of this circuit are the 555 integrated circuit, working as an astable multivibrator and an LDR which is used as darkness sensor.

Rain Detector using two Transistors

Rain detector using two transistors

Rain detector using two transistors. Circuit that aims to alert the beginning of the rainfall. Its few components make it an interesting and easy project.

2 LED Temperature Change Indicator with LM35 & 741

This 2 LED Temperature change indicator shows us, by means of two LEDs, when the sensed temperature is above or below a set limit.

When the temperature is above the pre-set temperature level, LED D1 will light up and if it is below, LED D2 will light up.