May 142022

400 watt Stereo Amplifier with the STK4050

This 400 watt stereo amplifier circuit is one of the audio projects based on the Sanyo STK4050 hybrid integrated circuit. A high quality low noise amplifier with a maximum output power of 200W per channel. Two such integrated circuits are needed to make a 400W stereo amplifier.

It is very important that both amplifiers use a large heatsink due to the great heat that is generated. As you can see from the diagram, it is only necessary to place the additional components to the integrated circuit to make it work. The speakers used are 8 ohms.

400 Watts Stereo Amplifier Circuit using STK4050 (200w + 200w)

STK4050v 200 watts Audio Power Amplifier IC

Unregulated Power Supply for the 400W Stereo Amplifier

As a power supply, two unregulated sources are used, such as the one in the diagram. Two 120/240 VAC to 60VAC, 2.5 to 3 amps transformers are used. Transformers must have a central tap (-30V – 0 – 30V).

With these transformers, +/- 42 VDC unregulated voltages are achieved. (-Vcc and Vcc).

Unregulated Power Supply - 200w STK4050

This type of circuit can be used to build high power compact portable amplifiers. If you are interested in less powerful audio amplifiers, you can visit the TDA2613 6-Watt Power Audio Amplifier or the TDA2822M 2-Watt Amplifier schematics.

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