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Electric Conductors: General characteristics

The electric conductors are metal threads (copper or aluminum) that are used to conduct electric current. Electric conductors are used in:

– Electric facilities (housing, industry, trade, etc.)
– Car electric instalations, and..
– Construction of inductors

The most commonly used types of conductors are: wires, cables, conductors with protective cover.


Wires are electric conductors made of a single metal thread and they can be uncovered or covered (see the following picture) with one or more layers of insulating material.

Electric Wire - Electric Conductors
Depending on the insulating, the wire is used in windings or in electric facilities

  • Wire for windings: This wire type is recovered by special enamels, silk or cotton
  • Wire for electric facilities: This type of wire is covered with plastic or rubber


The cables are a set of twisted non isolated wires, and they can be uncovered or coated with one or several layers of insulation. These insulating is made of cloth, rubber or plastic. (See the picture)

Electric Cable - Electric Conductors

The cables are generaly used in all kinds of electric facilities and car electric instalations.
The threads are made of aluminum and soft or hardened copper.

Some copper wires can be tinned, to avoid the oxidation and to facilitate welding.

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