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What is a logic Circuit?

Logic circuit uses two logic levels to transfer the information. A hight logic level or “1” and a low logic level or “0”. The Logic circuits are made of digital elements such as the AND gate, the OR gate, the NOT gate and a combinations of them.

These combinations give way to other types of digital elements such as logic  gates, among others.

– NAND gate
– NOR gate
– Exclusive OR gate
– Mutiplexors
– Demultiplexors
– Decoders
– Encoders
– Memories
– Flip-flops
– Microprocessors
– Microcontrollers
– Etc.

Modern digital electronics is used to perform many functions. While digital electronic circuits might seem very complex, actually they are built with a very large number of very simple circuits.

In Digital electronics the information is transmitted between circuits in a binary form (zeros and ones). The binary information is represented in the form of:

  • “0” and “1”,
  • “Open” or “Closed” (switch)
  • “On” and “Off”
  • “False” or “True”, etc..

A logic circuit can be represented in many ways. In the following circuits the lamp can be turned on or off, depending on the switch position.

Logic ON - Logic OFF - Logic Circuit

A truth table is a tabular listing of all possible states of the switches (inputs) that affect the circuit and their corresponding output values.

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