Jun 162015

Electronic Music Metronome circuit using a 555 timer

This Electronic Music Metronome circuit, allows those who study or are music fans, keep the compass, quite accurately.

How the Electronic Music Metronome circuit works?

The project is based on the known 555 integrated circuit, plus some additional components. It is important a suitable adjustment, to maintain the compas as constant as possible over a long period of time. So here are two Trimmers, a potentiometer and a transistor (Q1).

The transistor Q1 helps to maintain the linearity of operation of the Electronic Music Metronome. The 555 timer works in astable configuration and the output is handled through the PNP Q2 transistor and a typical, 8 ohms impedance, miniature speaker.

Electronic Music Metronome Circuit using the 555 timer

The number of pulses per second (20 to 208) is obtained by varying the potentiometer VR2.

  • The trimmer VR1 is adjusted to obtain the minimum number of pulses (40).
  • The trimmer VR3 is adjusted to obtain the maximum number of pulses (288).

The entire assembly of the Electronic Music Metronome circuit is powered by a 12 volt battery or with a power supply with the same voltage.

List of components for the Electronic Music Metronome

  • 1  555 Timer (IC1)
  • 1  PNP NTE 234 transistor (Q1)
  • 1  PNP NTE 2658 transistor (Q2)
  • 1  10K resistor (R1)
  • 1  330K resistor (R2)
  • 1  100K resistor (R3)
  • 2  1K resistor (R4,R5)
  • 1  10K Trimmer (VR1)
  • 1  50K Trimmer (VR3)
  • 1  10K potentiometer (VR2)
  • 1  100uF electrolytic capacitor (C1)
  • 1  1uF capacitor (C2)
  • 1  10nF capacitor (C3)
  • 1  Switch (SW1)

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