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Combinational circuit

Combinational circuit

A combinational logic circuit is as its name suggests, a circuit which the output depends only on the "combination" of their inputs at the time we are testing the output.

Analyzing the circuit made of digital gates shown below, the output of each gate depends only on their inputs.

The output F will change if the input A or input B or both at the same time change.

Combinational logic circuits are made of basic gates: AND gate, OR gate, NOT gate.

Combinational logic circuits are made of basic gates: AND gate, OR gate, NOT gate - Electronics Area

They can also be built with NAND gates, NOR gates, XOR gates, which are a combination of the three basic gates.

To understand a combinational logic circuit we can write its boolean equations and its truth table.

The boolean equation of the above circuit is:

The boolean equation of a combinational logic circuit (example) - Electronics Area

The truth table of the above circuit is:

Truth table of a combinational logic circuit (example) - Electronics Area

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